Restaurants - Things to do in Alcudia (2023)

Alcudia is a great place for dining out because there is a wide selection of cuisine and all tastes are catered for. In Alcudia you can find restaurants for fine dining and special occasions, restaurants specializing in tasty local dishes, international food and even greasy take aways.

On our website things to do in Alcudia, we want to speak about restaurants in Alcudia. There are many restaurants in Alcudia, and although we don’t want to exclude any, here you can find some of the recommendations based on ourown experiences (none of these restaurants is paying to be advertised, these are just our real opinions):

Restaurants in Alcudia for a lovely dinner by the beach:Pippers

The Pippers Restaurant is located on the beach in the Bay of Alcudia with lovely views. They have 2 kitchens, on the one hand Pippers Restaurant offersMediterranean cuisine with Spanish tapas, grilled meats, paellas, fresh fish and crispy pizzas. On the other hand BLUE SuShibar, offersJapanese food of excellent quality such as fish and sushi, gyoza, tuna tataki and uramakis grilled fish.

There is also a nice selection of wines, French oysters and Galician beef, all in a very nice place to enjoy a nice evening atmosphere.

Why we like it? Located by the beach, it is ideal for a Summer dinner. Highly reccommended to book ahead.

What to order?We really love the sushi they have, but everything else is also delicious.

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Restaurants in Alcudia for Local Gastronomy: Sa Portassa

Sa portassa is an old Mallorca townhouse with a traditional courtyard out back where one can enjoy the typical “pa amb oli” or a selection of excellent Mallorcan tapas in a peaceful atmosphere despite being in the centre of Old Alcudia.

Why we like it? The best restaurant in Alcudia to taste the typical Mallorca “pa amb oli” is Sa Portassa. The portions are huge, the ingredients are fresh, the prices are excellent and the local staff knows their Pa amb oli. Pa amb oli is a very typical and simple Mallorcan dish using the localpan moreno,or brown bread, typical Mallorcan tomatoes, and good quality olive oil, topped with delicious local ingredients.

What to order? If you go to Sa Portassa, order the pa amb oli sa portassa, but get the small one which will be plenty.The price of the pa amb oli is 7,50€.

Extra tip: By the way, a great way to learn about pa amb oli and local gastronomy is on our Rural Mallorca excursion where we show you how to select the vegetables, how to make a pa amb oli and a Mallorcan salad.

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Restaurants in Alcudia for tapas:Sa Vermuteria

This authentic restaurant is situated by the Markt Square in the old town.Its specialities are tapas and Mallorcan cuisine. There is also a wide selection of vermouths, wines liqueurs and all types of delicatessen products from the island such as olive oil, salts, nuts, typical meats, honey, pâté, marmalade and olives.

If you are looking for a special restaurant to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, good tapas and good Mallorcan wine, this is restaurant is ideal.

Why we like it? It is a lovely place for a meal or a snack in Alcudia old town by the bus stop and the taxi rank, and by the main promenade.

What to order?Order some tapas and a nice glass of wine, and enjoy Alcudia old town atmosphere.

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Restaurants in Alcudia for a gourmet experience:El Jardin

Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants on the island, chef Macarena de Castro is one of the young and dynamic breath of fresh air in Balearic cuisine that stands for a specific and sound project. The restaurant is presented as a hopeful alternative of renewed traditional cuisine.

This is the only restaurant in Alcudia to have been awarded with a Michelin star, which it has had for many years,with stunning upstairs dining room this is where you can have Alcudia’s best tasting menu complete with wine matching service.

Why we like it? Because a meal at Jardin Restaurant is a top experience that you will not forget.

What to order? The restaurant only serves tasting menu of around 12 – 14 top dishes. The price of the tasting menu is approx 100€. Highly reccomended to ask the sumillier Guillermo for some wine reccomendations.

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Restaurants in Alcudia for Local Gastronomy: Can Costa

Excellent Mallorcan cuisine in a beautiful surrounding in the old town of Alcudia. This restaurant boasts low prices and high standards. This is where the locals go when they want something that tastes like granny’s cooking.

Why we like it? Because it offer an unbeatable value for money that you will find nowhere else.

What to order? Try roast sucking pig or shoulder of lamb and you won’t be disappointed.The average price is 30€ per person.

Restaurants in Alcudia for Tapas: Can Punyetes

This place is always packed on a weekend with local people who want to enjoy delicious homemade tapas in a familiar, relaxed setting. With fast and efficient service, great food and cheap prices.On offer are selections of serrano ham, stuffed peppers, chorizos in cider, monkfish casserole and other mouthwatering tapas.

Why we like it? Because it offers an excelent choice of tasty tapas at good prices. Ideal for a dinner with friends and family in an informal atmosphere.

What to order?order half rations of tapas to share. The average price is 24€ per person.

Restaurants in Alcudia with great views:Mirador La Victoria

It is located in the countryside, a place full of pine and with excellent views over the bay of Pollença, near the Ermita de la Victoria. Bringing you Mallorcan and Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh seasonal products. It has a children’s area, a terrace, two rooms with a pleasant atmosphere and an attentive and friendly service.

Why we like it? Because the great views overlooking the Bay of Pollensa, in combination with the nice food.

What to order?ordersome of the mallorca local dishes.

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Restaurants in Alcudia with great views:Aucanada Golf

You will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with excellentservice and a menu that will not leave one culinary desire unsatisfied. From the terrace you overlook a largepart of the course as well as the bay of Alcudia.

Salads, home-made pasta, delicious seafood and local meat dish specialities are just a few of the many options at the club restaurant. At night we also offer a special àla carte menu with typical Spanish and international dishes.

Why we like it?a hidden gem with great food and outstanding views.

What to order?order the menu, it is great value for money and it has 3 choices of starters and main courses.

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Restaurants in Alcudia for Tapas:Bodega Balear

Although not technically a restaurant we think this little gem deserves a mention and it is well worth a visit during your holidays. Family owned and run, this little café and tapas bar may look a little rough around the edges but looks can and are deceiving.

Antonia and her family have achieved what many have failed at in the past, which is the creation of a café that is popular with everyone from the white van man to the suited bank manager. Opening first in the mornings and always the last to close, the Bodega Balear has, in our opinion, the best coffee in Alcudia and a very tasty bacon sandwich.

At the bar there is a small but freshly prepared tapas selection. Our recommendations include Antonia’s homemade meatballs and Mallorcan Frito.

Why we like it? This is a place where you will find no airs or graces and often you may have to fight to be heard so don’t expect 5 star service, but do expect an authentic experience.

What we reccomend?if you do have the meatballs you will love them, but a word of warning don’t ask for the recipe as the author made the mistake of doing – you will probably be asked to leave!

Restaurants in Alcudia for ‘Menu del Dia’:Alhambra

The Restaurant Alhambra is located in the Port of Alcudia opposite the Hotel Bahia de Alcudia. The place specializes in Menu del dia (set menu) at lunchtime and is very popular with locals and often missed by tourists.

Expect a rapid service as the clients who eat here are usually on a lunch break and time is short. The menu varies but the usual is a choice of 3 starters 3 mains and a choice of desserts. A bottle of wine, Water and fizzy drink is included in the price of 10 euros and we think that is great value for money.
They are open from lunchtime and for evening meals, and great experience and good price are the norm.

Why we like it? This is our favourite place for a menu del dia, and the food is prepared with love and it is homemade.

What we reccomend?of course, the menu del dia. On Sunday the paella menu del dia.

Restaurants in Alcudia for International Cuisine: Khun Panits

This is a Thai restaurant in the port of Alcudia, it’s far from typical Mallorcan but it’s worth a mention as the restaurant is Thai run and produces authentic Thai food, making it a nice change. A great dish that is recommended is the spicy Thai soup.
The place is a little expensive but the experience is authentic Thai, the restaurant can be found in the area of the Sunwing hotel.

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Restaurants in Alcudia for International Cuisine:Himalaya

This Indian restaurant in Puerto Alcudia is run by the friendly boys who specialise in Nepalese food. There is a wide menu with reasonable prices and the atmosphere is good.

The food is tasty and there is plenty of it. Dishes can be made as spicy as you want and though there are typical Madras, Vindaloo and Masala dishes, the best dishes are the lightly spiced house specials. If you are not sure what to order just ask them.

Restaurants in Alcudia for BBQ:MuddysWood fired grill

Probably one of the best Steak houses with beachviews across the Bay of Alcudia that you will find in Mallorca; all meats and pizzas cooked in wood ovens and special grills that use oak wood and a ripening chamber for “dry aged beef” where all meats stand a minimum of 28 days to be at the perfect maduartion.

Matured dry meat, angus burgers, Tex Mex, New York style pizzas and grilled lobster are some of the best dishes of this Steak house restaurant, which also offers live music several nights a week and all accompanied with the best views of the bay of Alcudia.

Why we like it?high quality meats perfectly done on the grill.

What we reccomend?any meat done on the grill, and the burguers

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Restaurants in Alcudia for BBQ:Rancho Chico

This little gem of a restaurant, is popular with locals, ex pats, and tourists who have tracked it down via Trip Advisor.The food is excellent quality and fresh.

Why we like it?a local gem, with great quality meat done with a lot of love on the grill.

What we reccomend?the meat done on the grill. We also reccomend to book as it gets busy, and it is not a big place.

Restaurants in Alcudia for BBQ:Carabella Steak House

The restaurant is located just at 50 meters from the beach, is the perfect place to enjoy a wide variety of grilled meats with the great taste of our fresh and local products.You cansavor a large kebabs variety marinated with our special homemade marinade, tasty grilled meats like deer, kangaroo, lamb and delicious beef meat; all the cooking process in an open grill restaurant.

Why we like it?It combines a great service, quality products and good prices.

What we reccomend?anything done on the grill.

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