5* Hotel in Alcudia, Majorca | Hotel Zafiro Palace Alcudia (2023)

  • Unique Gastronomy in Mallorca

    Inspired by Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines, our resort has four à la carte restaurants that beautifully blend international flavours with local specialities and spices. In addition to our main buffet-style restaurant, The Market, which offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests can enjoy a wide-variety of exceptional culinary options prepared at live cooking stations.

    With an All-Inclusive Premium option supported by international top brands, you will have access to an extensive menu of signature cocktails and soft drinks during the day, at the Wet Bar by the pool, or in a variety of bars and cafes throughout the hotel.

    Get to know our restaurants at Zafiro Palace Alcudia

    Sports Resort for Athletes and Golf Lovers

    Official sponsor of IRONMAN 70.3 Alcudia-Mallorca, here sports lovers will find a perfect environment in which to train. A few minutes from the beach of Alcudia, quiet and ideal for swimming, our resort is a perfect starting point for cycling routes through the most incredible and scenic spots on the island. At Zafiro Palace Alcudia we are committed to athletes, offering our own cycling station with storage and workshop for bicycles; heated outdoor pool with four lanes; fully equipped gym and body treatments specifically designed for aching muscles.

    Golf lovers will fall in love with the spectacular views of the Alcanada Golf Course, just a few minutes' drive from the hotel. Our specialised team will help you organise everything you need for an unforgettable golf getaway in Mallorca.

    Enjoy the sport with Zafiro Palace Alcudia

    Elegant Environment for MICE Meetings and Events in Mallorca

    Authentic and stylish but also imminently practical, our resort is well suited for meetings and events on the island, and your guests will enjoy our extensive facilities. With four modular conference rooms with capacity for up to 418 people, you can create and organise your event in a way that feels seamless, with healthy lunches and coffee breaks to keep those creative juices flowing.

    We are a member of the Mallorca Convention Bureau and our experienced MICE event organisation team will gladly work alongside you to make your event a success.

    More information about event rooms

  • Do you accept kids at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    Children are welcome at the Zafiro Palace Alcudia. The hotel has several facilities designed especially for kids: Mini Club and entertainment team, games area, swimming pool with Pirate Ship and bubble pool.

    People 0-1 years old are considered babies. People between the ages of 2-12 are considered children. From the age of 13 they are considered adults.

    Is there a swimming pool at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    The outdoor pools will stay open during the low season for guests who still wish to use them. Bear in mind that the temperature of the outdoor pools at this time of the year is lower than in summer. At the discretion of the hotel management, the Oasis and children's outdoor pools in some of our hotels may sometimes be heated. Please note that you can also use the indoor pools.

    How many rooms are there at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    The hotel has 369 rooms.

    • 148 junior suite room(s) of 44 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • 48 Junior Penthouse Suite room(s) of 86 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • 41 Junior Swim Up Suite room(s) of 68 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • 83 One Bedroom Suite room(s) of 60 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • 14 One Bedroom Penthouse Suite room(s) of 113 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • 9 One Bedroom Swim Up Suite room(s) of 113 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • 17 Two Bedroom Suite room(s) of 75 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • 4 Two Bedroom Penthouse Suite room(s) of 128 M² with a capacity of up to 6 guests.

    • 3 Two Bedroom Swim Up Suite room(s) of 101 M² with a capacity of up to 6 guests.

    • 2 Owner's Suite room(s) of 165 M² with a capacity of up to 4 guests.

    • Main amenities: mini bar, TV, air conditionner, non smoking.

    Is Zafiro Palace Alcudia baby-friendly?

    Babies are welcome.
    We are able to provide you the following items:

    • Baby cot (4 EUR per day)

    • High chair

    Is there a parking at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    Our hotel has a free and secure parking lot.
    Our parking spots are limited and are subject to availability.
    It is not possible to book them in advance.

    Is there a restaurant in Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    Definitely, Zafiro Palace Alcudia has 4 restaurants:

    • Restaurant Taste & Sushi Bar :
    - Japanese, Casual Dining
    - Open 7/7.
    - Open all year.

    • Opening times:
    - from 19:00 to 22:30.
    - price range: $$$
    Restaurant Taste & Sushi Bar website

    • Restaurant El Olivo:
    - Mediterranean, Casual Dining
    - Open 7/7.
    - Open all year.

    • Opening times:
    - from 19:00 to 22:30.
    - price range: $$
    Restaurant El Olivo website

    • Restaurant El Portico:
    - Italian, Casual Dining
    - Open 7/7.
    - Open all year.

    • Opening times:
    - from 19:00 to 22:30.
    - price range: $$
    Restaurant El Portico website

    • Restaurant La Veranda:
    - Steakhouse, Cafe
    - Open 7/7.
    - Closed from 30/07 to 31/12.

    • Opening times:
    - Lunch: from 12:00 to 15:00.
    - Dinner: from 19:00 to 22:30.
    - price range: $$
    Restaurant La Veranda website

    What is the closest beach to Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    Our hotel is located 450 Meters away from the beach.
    The beach is public and is secured by lifeguards.
    Free access.
    The main available services: sun loungers, umbrellas, bar, restaurant & activities for kids.

    Carretera d'Artà, 1, 07400 Alcúdia, Illes Balears, Spain
    The distance is 0.4 km from the hotel

    Does Zafiro Palace Alcudia have rooms with a view?

    The following rooms have pool views: Junior Suite Pool View, Junior Suite Swim Up, Zafiro Swim Up Suite, Family Swim Up Suite

    Does the Zafiro Palace Alcudia equipped with a shower, bathtub or jacuzzi?

    All our rooms have bathtub and shower.

    Does Zafiro Palace Alcudia have connecting rooms ?

    We do not have connecting rooms in this hotel but you can request on your booking to have 2 rooms side by side or as close to eachother as possible. The hotel will take in mind and try to fulfil this wish. However, please understand that no binding confirmation can be given, as this depends on our hotel occupancy..

    Are there any gym facilities at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    The gym is open from 8am to 10pm Between these times you can enjoy all the sports facilities. Remember that the gym is only for guests aged 16 and over.

    What is the size of the beds at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    King size bed ( 2 x 2 meters) in all type of rooms. For Junior Suite and Junior Suite Pool view, twin beds depending on availability (1 x 2 meters each)

    What is the price of an airport transfer to/from Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    Transfer rates depend on the number of people and the type of vehicle. See details below.
    Service provided by Get Transfer.

    Does Zafiro Palace Alcudia provide a special diet and allergy-free menu?

    Our restaurant is able to accommodate the following dietary requirements

    Available at all times: Organic, vegan & vegetarian.
    Almond-free & dairy-free.

    Available upon request (let us know at check-in): Egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, seafood-free, sesame-free & soy-free.

    Not available on our menu: Halal, kosher & low carb.

    is it possible to request a specific floor at Zafiro Palace Alcudia?

    We have floors, a lift on each floor which is fully wheelchair accessible.

    Does Zafiro Palace Alcudia have family rooms ?

    Our hotel is family friendly.
    Family rooms for 3 people and more:

    • Junior suite

    • Junior Penthouse Suite

    • Junior Swim Up Suite

    • One Bedroom Suite

    • One Bedroom Penthouse Suite

    • One Bedroom Swim Up Suite

    • Two Bedroom Suite

    • Two Bedroom Penthouse Suite

    • Two Bedroom Swim Up Suite

    • Owner's Suite

    Is it possible to purchase a prepaid voucher at Zafiro Palace Alcudia?

    The Offers section on our website always has special promotions and offers so you can enjoy a stay with us at even better prices: here

    What are the opening/closing dates at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    We are open from 24 February to 5 November.

    Is there a spa at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    The hotel has a spa (Zen, Spa & Wellness) with free entrance for all our guests (adults only). Manicure, pedicure and massage services are also available.

    What time is the check in at Zafiro Palace Alcudia ?

    You can check in at the hotel from 15:00.
    Check-in may be made earlier, but this is always subject to room availability.

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